Welcome to Advancing Steps!

My name is Samantha Angel and I make it my business to help you design graphics you are proud to share with the world.

I absolutely LOVE helping others become confident in their graphic creation skills. I don’t believe you need a degree or any fancy schooling to make beautiful things.

All you really need is passion to create gorgeous graphics. And every step you take towards learning how gets you closer to creating a polished, eye-catching look of success. I'm here to help you shine!

I offer Photoshop training courses, custom graphics design services, and inspirational mugs to support your success mindset.

You Want Your Images To Look Great & It Starts With Quality Images!

I've personally designed thousands of images that get attention and help the audience connect with the content and offers my clients and I make in our business.  

Starting with a great image is half the battle!

People ask me all the time... 

"Sam, where do you source the images you're using - they look amazing!"

In response, I've put together a quick reference list - my gift to you.

Drop your name and email in the box and it will be sent right away!

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