10 Tips to Eliminate Distractions that Rob You of Your Focus

The following two part video by Kelly McCausey covers 10 tips on how she stays focused in her own solopreneur business. I must say I’ve been guilty of quite a few of these at one time or another but she gives great advice on how easy it is to get rid of things that draw our attention away from the task at hand.

Part 1 (4:09 minutes)

Part 2 (9:32 minutes)

Working your own business from home can have its own set of distractions so don’t let these easy to fix problems hamper your productivity.

Kelly’s 10 Tips for Better Focus

  1. Keep a Clean Desktop/Workspace
  2. Keep an Uncluttered Eyeline
  3. Limit the Number of Open Programs
  4. Limit the Number of Open Tabs in Your Browser
  5. Have One Clear Priority at a Time
  6. Limit the Number of Open Project
  7. Start an “Ideas for Later” File System
  8. Limit the Number of Voices You Let Influence You at One Time
  9. Limit the Number of Lists You Subscribe to
  10. Empty Your Inbox

Do you have any tips that help you focus? Please share!

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