3 Simple Ways to Come up With Ideas to Blog About

I used to find blogging intimidating and somewhat frustrating because finding a topic wasn’t always easy for me. Then, writing the actual blog post took me a very long time because I didn’t have a clear picture of how to write it or the direction I wanted it to go.

The following suggestions can help you through coming up with ideas to blog about so you can get your post moving forward faster.

Write Your Ideas Down, Even on the Go

To save me from racking my brain, I  always have a notepad or my phone handy for when an idea for a blog post comes to me so I can jot it down immediately. Otherwise, I tend to forget it. I always think oh I’ll remember that but then when I go to start my blog I can’t remember the cool idea I had or the exact verbiage I thought sounded perfect. So now when I come up with a good idea I always write it down.

Another thing I do is if I’m at my computer brainstorming or if an idea comes to me but I don’t have time to write a full blog post I just go in and add my title to the post and save the draft for later. If I have a couple ideas to go with the title then I will quickly add a just a few words about each so I won’t lose my train of thought. Then just come back to it later when I have the time to spend expanding my ideas into the full post.

Check Out the Forums

I like to check out the Solo Masterminds Forum for problems or questions people are asking. If people are asking in a forum about a particular topic then more than likely there are lots of other people wanting answers also. There are many different forums out there so more than likely you will be able to find one for your niche.

To get started with my post I come up with 3-5 main points I want to cover in my post to answer the question or problem. The main idea here is to get you thinking about what your going to write about. It doesn’t have to be a full on outline but just hit the topic points you want to cover and then expand on each one. This the easiest way for me to get the ball rolling for the body of my post because when I have the topics or questions listed out then its easy to go about answering or explaining each one.

Write About What Your Working On

Most of us are always learning something new for our business, researching, or finding new and productive ways to accomplish our tasks. Share these topics with your readers. Our readers are looking for information and help with figuring out ways to streamline their business as well.

Sometimes writers block can creep up on all of us but using these 4 methods I can generally come up with an interesting topic. The main thing to remember is that typically people that end up at your blog through a search want the information you are writing about. On the other hand, people that regularly read your blog are interested in the same type of material as you are, so if it is interesting to you then more than likely your readers will be interested too.

How do you come up with ideas to blog about? Please leave a comment – I’m interested in adding more ways to come up with ideas to my repertoire.

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