6 Tips to Build Your Credibility

Whenever you find a person or business, especially online, that you think you might like to do business with don’t you want to know more about them? Most of us are curious how they do business and treat people.

A person’s or business’s reputations has a direct affect on its success.

If you’re credible, people will have faith in your products and services. They will buy from you and recommend you to others. If you aren’t credible, they won’t.

Keeping that in mind, here are some ways to help establish your credibility:

Build Trust

Part of gaining credibility is building trust. Always give honest, accurate information and be able to back it up. Nothing will destroy credibility faster than not being able to back up what you say.

Respect Others & Show You Care

Listen to what your customers and followers say. Acknowledge their concerns and respect their opinions. While, you can’t please everyone or meet every single demand, if you show that you care about your people, your credibility will increase.

Be Passionate About What Your Doing

If you are enthusiastic about your products and services others will too. Your affiliates, friends and family, co-workers, partners and others will feed off of your enthusiasm and passion and in turn spread it to others. If you’re shy use the written word to share your passion.

Keep Your Word

Whether you’re offering a special pricing deal, a 3-day sale, releasing a new product, or some other promise you’ve made, do your best to always honor it. Another part of fulfilling promises is to stand firm on your rules. If you say you’re only selling 50 licenses of a particular product and it has sold out, don’t sell more. If you have a sale that is only good through Thursday and someone contacts you on Friday asking for the sale price, apologize and say no. While they may not be happy, they will know that you keep your promises to your customers.

Stand Behind Your Ideals

If you believe in something, let it be known and stand behind it. Sitting on the fence failing to commit may make your customers question you and your business practices. How can you sell them on an idea if you don’t even know what you believe?

Show Off Your Testimonials

People want to see proof that something is good. As the business owner, they won’t take your word for it. Displaying testimonials from satisfied customers goes a long way towards building credibility. Audio and video testimonials tend to be much more effective than written ones.

Credibility translates to dollars. A credible business gains the respect of its peers and customers.

What other ways do you use to build your credibility?

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Adrienne says December 12, 2012

Hi Samantha,

Well those are some excellent tips if I say so myself.

Although not everyone will like us, word of mouth goes a very long way. If you care about your prospects then they will be more then eager to become your customers. Always being there for them and helping them when and if they need it is huge.

There are plenty of businesses I will do business with still to this day because they treat me well every time I step in the door.

When you have an online business you can be lost in the sea of people pretty quickly. The ones that stand out above all the rest are the ones who treat us right. Doesn’t hurt that their products is pretty great too.

Thanks for sharing these and I’ll be sure to share your post with my friends. You know, just in case they may need a reminder. 😉


    Samantha says December 13, 2012

    Yes some of us need a reminder once in a while, what comes around goes around. Thanks so much for stopping by! 🙂

Phil says December 22, 2012



I learned this too late in the game. I guess it’s not too late since I have the chance now to practice what I’ve learned.

Researching and keeping the well-being of your prospects in mind will always help you in the long-run.

To top that, the inner struggle to avoid this strategy is finally subsiding as I’m seeing the benefits:

Give FREE content that overdelivers to your audience!

    Samantha says December 22, 2012

    You got that right, taking care of our people is so important. Thanks Phil!

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