An Outdated or Amateurish Website Design Will Chase Customers Away

I honestly think, as a blog owner, one of the worst things someone can say about your site is that it is “amateurish.” That, to me, is like the death knell that can only lead to diminishing sales and credibility.

What would “amateurish” be when it comes to blogs and websites?

Super Busy and Overly “Tricked Out” Blogs

Discovering new bling for your blog is fun, but like anything in life-moderation is key. If you have so much “goin on” on your blog, visitors are getting vertigo from trying to see it all, it might be time to step aawwayyy from animations, blog buttons, pop-ups and award images.

Sidebar Information That Has Long Since Expired

What better way to have your blog scream “I never look at this!” than to just keep those sidebar buttons in place from events that have passed months (even years) ago.

A Ho-Hum Header

The header of your blog is like your billboard. It’s the first, and the biggest, thing visitors see when they come to your blog. By not investing in something of quality, you run the risk of visitors being unimpressed and maybe even worse, being suspicious of your credibility. It would also be like wearing ratty jeans to a job interview. First impressions, people!

The Dreaded Outdated Look

Another cringe-worthy knock against your site would be if someone feels it looks “dated.” I hear the word “dated” and I have flashbacks to my neighbor’s living room back in the day that was adorned with dark faux wood paneling and plush olive green carpet. It was a marginal look back then…it certainly isn’t a good look now.  A “dated” site would be one that contained these details:

  • Black background with white print. Can you say “eye-killer?”
  • Very narrow sites.
  • Flash players.
  • Images that look like they were taken back in the 70’s or 80’s. If your company photo includes anything plaid, wide collars, power suits or shoulder pads, it may be time for a retake.
  • A contact form that includes a mailing address and only a mailing address.
  • No social media sharing buttons whatsoever.

An outdated site may lead people to believe your business knowledge and tactics are outdated as well.

Using Outdated or Amateurish Website Design  Will Chase Customers AwayNo matter how much knowledge you possess, you may never get the chance to share it if your first impression leaves someone bailing from your site because they feel you are a beginner or are turned off by the outdated look. Granted, you can’t please everyone (nor should you try!) but simple maintenance, along with caring enough to keep your blog fresh and vibrant, will keep the visitors coming and better yet, staying.

If you feel you may fall into the categories above, now is the time to take action and make changes. If you don’t, you may lose out on leads and potential clients who come your way.

If you need help freshening up your site, please contact me.

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