Be Yourself, Let Your Light Shine

If you would have told me 2 years ago that people would someday visit my site, read what I had to say and use that information to better their business – I would have thought you were crazy!

A few years back, I never would have believed that someone would want to read my blog, appreciate what I had to share and want to get to know me and my business better. But now, I am happy to say, that is indeed the case and I couldn’t be prouder or more grateful. That to me is a true testament and statement to the power and value of blogging.

My Misconception

When I initially started blogging, I thought blogs were just about educating people or a handy way of getting certain information out. I even perceived blogs to be a place for moms to share family photos of the Summer BBQ of 2012 or show off little Johnny’s missing front teeth. Fast forward a couple years and I now realize my misconceptions were oh so wrong – blogs are an amazing tool of business. Who knew that blogging, this blog in particular, would be such an integral part of my business’ success.

You see, I was brought up in the corporate world were you were expected to write professional at all times, which usually meant without much personality. The unwritten rule was that, offering too much of your personality would seem unprofessional, and a “proper” blog post was strict, structured and usually devoid of any personality.

Give of Yourself

Thankfully, that mentality just won’t fly these days and your readers want to see your personality. They want to see your “shine.” Reader these days are less tolerant of lifeless writings and press release-like blog posts. “Transparency” and “authenticity” are more than over-used catch phrases, they are what your readers want and expect from the information that you place on your blogging real estate and even your website.

So what else do readers want? They want find someone to follow that keeps them engaged and entertained while offering a great education. Let’s face it; there is a ton of competition out there when it comes to blogs. Your information needs to be fun, fresh, conversational and relevant or dear Miss/Mr. Reader will hit the “back” button and move on to greener pastures.

This “educate and entertain” idea is not a theory either, it’s a fact! Online gurus far and wide have accepted the reality that their blogs need to be more than a place for dry, regurgitated marketing facts. So much so it’s coined the brand spankin’ new term “edu-tain” and it applies to social media as well.

So are you ready to let readers see your spark? The key to blogging success these days is consistency, but also creativity. In other words, be yourself! Peel back the layers and let your inner light shine.

Let Your Light Shine

About the Author Samantha

I love to create graphics that make you sparkle and if you're a DIYer I want to teach you how to make your own. I'm dedicated to making you look good!

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Avery says May 24, 2014

I always strive to keep a professional tone to my blog posts. But sometimes, I sense I’m too stuffy in my writing. Do you have any tips on good ways to personalize your content? I don’t want to sound like I’m a robot but I don’t want to be too open either. How do I strike a good balance?

    Samantha says May 25, 2014

    Hi Avery! First off, you have to be comfortable with what you share. I don’t think you have to share things you’re not comfortable with to be interesting. The most important thing is to be yourself. Write like you are talking with a friend. Keep it simple and don’t over think it. Of course, you’ll need to have your facts straight but I’m talking about how you present it. Just let it flow. Most of the time the first words that come to mind are the best to use because they represent how you communicate. It’s okay to use contraction, fragments and even slang sometimes. This is how we talk and when we write this way it helps us to sound less stuffy. It took me a long time to have it finally sink in to just be myself because this is how you build a loyal following. You will attract people who enjoy what you have to say and how you say it. 🙂

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