Beyond “Roy G. Biv”-How to Use Color Effectively

Did you know that colors can sway our moods, orchestrate our decisions and even set the tone for meetings? Brick and mortar retailers have long since discovered the secret of using color to direct and encourage positive outcomes with their shoppers.

Colors Create Feelings

The color burgundy, for example, evokes feelings of deep richness (think red wine or a Sangria mocktail for those of us who don’t partake, yum!) and then there’s blue. Blue is everyone’s favorite color and it is used to provide a feeling of trust and security to clients and shoppers. That may very well be a good reason why so many financial institutions use that color in their logos and branding!

Pink is another winner because it supposedly reminds us of soft, sweet and happy things. Scientists have even gone as far as to say that shoppers who are surrounded by pink experience a slow-down of their endocrine systems which in turn tranquilizes tense muscles. Apparently, feeling calm and happy leads to extra spending which may explain why my checkbook is nearly always drained after leaving stores like Justice or Bath-n-Bodyworks!

Colors Influence Decisions

That’s all fine and dandy, but what about the online world. Believe it or not, online retailers and marketers can use color to sway shoppers and influence buying decisions as well. How does one achieve this “Color Psychology” on the interwebs? By using colors in logos, website themes or designs and also in images. Just as the saying goes; a picture is worth a thousand words, vibrant images online can evoke similar responses to what offline retailers have known for years.

Learn to Use Colo Psychology In Your Marketing-042214Carefully strategized colors within vibrant images are especially effective in the online marketing world because of their ability to tell readers a story-a story that makes them want to know more. It’s no secret that the success of Pinterest is based on the ability of the users to use images to tell a story, spark curiosity and encourage Pinterest junkies to “click to find out more.” Stories within these bold images seem to resonate with people and can even create a strong bond between businesses and their followers. Add the element of humor to this already powerful package and your colors and images go from effective, to uber-effective! And it’s not just photo-type images either. Your effective images can include cartoons, word art and even infographics just to name a few.

Visual content is also great for social media. Your blog post can go from drab to fab just with the addition of a carefully chosen color image. This same tactic makes your site information or blogs posts incredibly shareable on social media as well. Did you know that, social media posts with visual content get 120% to 180% more engagement than text-only posts? Pretty eye-opening, huh?

Now that you have this new and valuable golden nugget of information, what will you do with it? Many marketers are kept from using visuals because they feel that their design skills aren’t up to par, but in reality, your business should not go another day without tapping into the powerful one-two-punch of color and images.

Visual Marketing Tips

My e-book Graphics Savvy: Create Visual That Call for Action is filled with tips, tactics and secrets to not only reinforces the fact that your marketing needs visuals, but why knowing the science behind Color Psychology could be profitable for your business. This info-packed e-book includes topics like:

  • which colors could potentially work well with your products or services,
  • ideas for adding visual content to your blog, and
  • how to use these same visuals for everything from your social media to your email marketing to enhance calls-to-action with potential customers.

Graphic Savvy

If your business is not utilizing Color Psychology, it may be time to stop procrastinating and wrap your hands and mind around this valuable base of knowledge and start making some important changes today.

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I love to create graphics that make you sparkle and if you're a DIYer I want to teach you how to make your own. I'm dedicated to making you look good!

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