Trying to Learn Photoshop & Getting Frustrated?

Ever wanted to learn how to do just one thing in Photoshop quickly so you can get on with your project?

You'll spend a ridiculous amount of time searching YouTube only to find long, drawn out videos that seem to take forever to get to the ONE THING you want to learn. 

Hopefully, you find it - and get the thing done... but a little time goes by and now you need that skill again but can't remember how to do it.

Dang it! Now, you're right back to searching for how to do it again - wasting your valuable time.

Not Anymore!

With my Bite Size Basics you'll get short, focused videos on how to do just one thing in Photoshop, saving you hours and headaches of trying to figure it out on your own.

​I love how Samantha takes a sophisticated program with a wealth of tools and breaks it down into simple terms. She provides the images used in the tutorials so you can easily follow along and understand what she’s talking about.

I feel confident in using numerous tools within Photoshop because of her uncomplicated tutorials.

​Laura Cyra-Korsgaard


I Love Making The Complex Simple!

I've created a Video Tutorials Treasury for your benefit featuring short, specific videos teaching you how to do just one thing.  You can refer to the treasury at anytime - I'm actually giving lifetime access!

No more losing time and getting frustrated, you’ll be able to zone in on what you’re trying to accomplish!

You’ll enjoy nibble-sized instruction on things like…

  • Adding a Border
  • Adding a Drop Shadow
  • Cropping an Image
  • Making Something Transparent
  • Creating a Circle (or other shape) of your Image
  • Adding a little sparkle to your graphics
  • Creating a new canvas workspace
  • Placing and image or object onto your canvas
  • Adding text
  • How to add vertical text
  • How to change text font type
  • How to change text font size
  • How to change text color
  • Adding a drop shadow
  • Adding a glow
  • How to move images or objects on your canvas
  • Cropping an image
  • Resize your canvas
  • How to get hex code of specific color within an image​
  • Adding a layer
  • Adding a fill
  • Adding a gradient
  • How to blur an image
  • How to clean up an image
  • How to paint on your canvas
  • Adjusting the size of your brush
  • Adjusting the softness or hardness of your brush
  • Adjusting opacity and flow of your brush
  • How to group your layers together in the layers panel (to make it easier to identify when you have many layers on your canvas)
  • (And yes, this is just the beginning of my ideas for videos!)

Why Learn From Me?

Not To Toot My Own Horn, I'm Really Good At Graphics!

Hey there, I'm Samantha Angel. As a Graphic Designer, I've been blessed to work with incredible clients, both virtual and in person. The graphics I create impact thousands of people everyday - that makes me super proud!

I Love Teaching Others To Create!

I've been demonstrating Photoshop graphic design to others and love hearing how easily my students pick up the skills and put them to action in their businesses.  I can't wait to help YOU design images that you're proud of.

A Few Words From My Students

For decades I considered myself a graphics idiot, trying to learn the latest "easy" program and having things still look unprofessional.

Samantha taught me the quickest and easiest ways to create beautiful graphics. I'm saving so much money not having to outsource every graphic.

Val Selby

I purchased Samantha’s course because I was trying to find an easy way to create graphics. I was so afraid to tackle Photoshop but Samantha made it so simple as she explained each tool that she was using and what it was for. I was able to follow along and make a graphic without struggling to understand what she meant. I love how she showed exactly what she was thinking as she made the design decisions. 

Rosie Battista

Claim Your Lifetime Access Now!

I won't promise that Bite Size Basics will always be offered with a lifetime access. In the future, it may very well become a membership with a recurring access fee. Joining now secures your long term access with one single payment.

(Training will be growing all the time based on your questions & feedback!)

Order Today For $97! 


Do I have to have Photoshop?

I'm demonstrating everything in Photoshop and I believe it is the best tool for graphic creation, especially when you may want to ​create images for print as well as for the web.  Adobe's Creative Cloud membership makes it more affordable than ever, so don't let that hold you back.

What if I know NOTHING at all about Photoshop? Can I start from zero?

Yes! I love working with beginners.

Does it matter if I have a PC or Mac?

​Nope. There a couple of different controls from PC to Mac but we'll cover those too. 

How long will I have access to the training?

You're purchasing permanent access to the videos.

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