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Don’t Let Fear Stop You…

I attended the opening ceremonies last night for the Stretch Yourself Challenge with Kelly McCausey. I’m so excited to be doing this because I’ve felt like I’m in a hamster wheel going

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Beyond “Roy G. Biv”-How to Use Color Effectively

Did you know that colors can sway our moods, orchestrate our decisions and even set the tone for meetings? Brick and mortar retailers have long since discovered the secret of using color to direct and

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Image Extensions – What They Mean and How to Use Them

This week’s question is a multi-part question that all basically relates back to image extensions. Question: I know NOTHING about how to use images and all of the acronyms scare me and keep me from

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Saving and Using Images Effectively on Your Blog

Working with images can be confusing. Believe me. And if you’re not really interested in learning more about graphics it can be a real chore. I’m lucky because working with and creating graphics

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Why Use WordPress For Business Websites?

So you’re interested in using WordPress as your business site – smart move! I got lucky when I started online because I got turned on to WordPress right away. Some of my friends told me stories of

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7 Tips To Creating Posts That Get Results

Internet marketing is very competitive and having a blog to attract customers to your marketing funnel is essential. Blog postings are probably the most important part of your content marketing strategy

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