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Don’t Let Fear Stop You…

I attended the opening ceremonies last night for the Stretch Yourself Challenge with Kelly McCausey. I’m so excited to be doing this because I’ve felt like I’m in a hamster wheel going

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8 Reasons to Incorporate Instagram Into Your Marketing Plan

By now I am sure many of you have heard of this “little” channel in social media known as Instagram. BUT, what many of you may not know that this vibrant and growing tool is more than just a fun app

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Learning to Connect the Dots: Learning the Ropes as a Business Newbie

Ever heard the old saying, “You’re only new at something once?” Usually this refers to sports or trying a new hobby, but it also applies to those who are brand-spankin-new to business. Whether you

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Beyond “Roy G. Biv”-How to Use Color Effectively

Did you know that colors can sway our moods, orchestrate our decisions and even set the tone for meetings? Brick and mortar retailers have long since discovered the secret of using color to direct and

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Why Visual Marketing is Important for Your Business

When you think of content marketing what pops into your head? Blog posts, articles, sales pages, anything text based? While those things are part of content marketing, nowadays it’s even more important

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Why Use WordPress For Business Websites?

So you’re interested in using WordPress as your business site – smart move! I got lucky when I started online because I got turned on to WordPress right away. Some of my friends told me stories of

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