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Does The Fear of Criticism Rule Your Actions?

I’ve never been comfortable being the center of attention. It makes me nervous. I’m good at working in the background while letting someone else take the lead socially and publicly. But, why?

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The Power of Words Should Never Be Underestimated

Have you ever told yourself that you couldn’t do something, and then you tried to do it and failed? Have you ever told yourself that you could do something and, even though your odds of success were

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Don’t Let Fear Stop You…

I attended the opening ceremonies last night for the Stretch Yourself Challenge with Kelly McCausey. I’m so excited to be doing this because I’ve felt like I’m in a hamster wheel going

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Be Yourself, Let Your Light Shine

If you would have told me 2 years ago that people would someday visit my site, read what I had to say and use that information to better their business – I would have thought you were crazy! A few

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Creating Positivity And Motivation For Yourself

Having a positive attitude and staying motivated all the time is quite impossible. The thing is I want to be upbeat and positive all the time. Being in a positive state of mind makes me feel great, like

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