Constructive Feedback Sometimes Hurts

I’ve been working with Kelly McCausey as her intern for almost six months now and learned a great deal in this time. Kelly doesn’t mince words so when I do something that’s not up to her standards or just plain wrong, I hear about it.

Are You Open To Feedback

Some may think this would be hard to take and sometimes I do get my feelings hurt but I wouldn’t want it any other way. The honesty she provides helps me to grow in ways that I could never have done without her.

Switching Roles

I’ve gone from being critiqued to critiquing others. For the past 6 weeks I’ve been working with Kelly’s newest blog interns for Moms Talk Network and Sparkplugging. Its part of my master level internship to evaluate and critique the interns’ blog posts for each assignment. This has been hard for me because I tend to be a people pleaser, don’t like conflict and want everybody to be happy.

I have discovered though, if I were to let  someone pass with a less than great post I would be doing them a disservice. Working through the hard critiques doesn’t mean that I’m insensitive but I do need to share what’s wrong, why and possible ways to correct the problem.

Helping these aspiring bloggers has helped me gain more confidence in my own abilities and it feels GREAT!

Accepting Feedback

Being able to accept constructive feedback depends on how open you are and if you truly want to grow. If you are able to learn from each critique no matter how frustrating or hurtful it may seem at the time you will benefit from it. Believe me, I’ve had my share of unflattering critiques too.

Consider the Source

There are many people out there that will give you their opinion about whatever you do. Just remember you must be able to distinguish between the ones that want to hinder your progress and the ones that want you to excel.

Don’t give up! Whatever it is you want to do, don’t let anyone deter you. It’s important to evaluate the feedback you’re receiving and apply as needed. I hope that the interns we’re working with will look back on this time as a great learning experience and making lasting friendships. I know I do.

Please share something you’ve learned from constructive feedback.

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I love to create graphics that make you sparkle and if you're a DIYer I want to teach you how to make your own. I'm dedicated to making you look good!

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Crystal Green says June 21, 2013

Constructive feedback is very valuable. You and Kelly are both doing a fine job of ensuring that all of us (interns) are growing as bloggers and even writers for the net. We won’t learn anything if you don’t give us your honest hard core feedback.

Debora Humphries says June 22, 2013

Hi Samantha,
A person who is looking to learn and grow should be willing to accept constructive criticism. I know I was when I was excepted into Kelly’s intern program.

Working and learning from your constructive criticism during the internship has been a blessing to me. I have really learned that I need to focus a lot more on some of the finer details of my writing and you were able to point that out as well as provide ways to correct some bad habits I have with my writing.

The great thing about the process is, the lessons I will be able to take away with me and apply in my own business.

I will be forever grateful to you for standing your ground and pushing me as hard as I needed to be pushed to accomplish the goal I was aiming for and that was to learn from someone who was already doing what I wanted to do.

Thank you again Samantha. 🙂

Lana Elfstrom says June 22, 2013

As one of those “interns” I enjoyed working with you these past weeks very much! Criticism is often hard to take, but you are right about considering the source. If we trust that person, especially if we have entered into a relationship where we know the intent is “constructive” we need to believe that they are speaking truths to us. The most difficult things to hear are usually the biggest and/or hardest things for us to address and change. If it stings a little we should be thankful that the person cares enough to point it out and guide us in the right direction. Thank you for the article, it sheds light on it is just as difficult for the “criticizer”. (Hahaha! I had to spell-check that word!)

Mary Bernard says June 22, 2013


It’s been a pleasure working with you!

As a writer, I’m pretty accustomed to hearing criticism (some of it constructive; some of it not; and some of it just plain mean). You have a gift for really helping people through CONSTRUCTIVE criticism.

Thank you for working with us and helping us so much!

Jenn L says June 23, 2013

It has been great working with you over the past several weeks. I’m amazed at how many of my blogger friends love you as well, totally outside of the internship. 🙂 You make an impact on those around you and are very talented.
I appreciate constructive feedback or criticisms because they help me to look at something from someone else’s viewpoint. Without it, I never would have looked into something simple like using headers, or cooling it on the bold. 🙂

Samantha says June 23, 2013

I appreciate all of you and am so glad I got the chance to know you. I look forward to bright futures for all of us! And, of course, keeping in touch regularly. 🙂

Kathleen Ashton says June 23, 2013

Samantha, you’re a great master level intern and I really appreciate all you’ve added to my own internship experience! Getting and giving criticism can be equally hard, but you have clearly gone out of your way to critique us in a HELPFUL way. I know you have helped me! Here’s to your success as you move on from the master level internship into flying solo! Congrats!

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