Creating Positivity And Motivation For Yourself

Having a positive attitude and staying motivated all the time is quite impossible. The thing is I want to be upbeat and positive all the time.

Being in a positive state of mind makes me feel great, like I can conquer the world. But, there are the times when I’m not that person I want to be. It could be for any reason that comes up in everyday life – bad news, stress, difficult people, etc. – but having a plan to deal with these types of situations will do wonders to turn your negative attitude into a positive one.

Fake It

There’s a saying that goes “Fake It Til You Make It” that I find myself returning to time and time again. It may seem like a negative thing to do since it implies that you should act fake. In my mind its not that way at all but a way to act the way you want to feel. Eventually you will authentically feel it!

For example, I’m a shy, introverted person and it’s hard for me to be the center of attention. This makes it really stressful for me to do webinars. I have to do a lot of self talk, building myself up and getting psyched before a webinar. But, the more I do them, the more I can authentically feel capable of pulling it off.

I love the quote “You are what you believe yourself to be.” It’s not always easy to do but the more and more you push yourself out of your comfort zone the easier it gets.

Use Powerful Positive Affirmations

Don’t let fear and negative self talk rule your day. So many of us get caught up in talking so bad to ourselves that no wonder why we don’t feel good enough about ourselves to push the boundaries of our comfort zone. Most of us wouldn’t allow someone else to talk to us that way so we shouldn’t do it to ourselves. It’s hard to break the habit. I’m guilty of it, you bet I am. But, I’m working hard on breaking this habit.

Here’s a video clip from one of my favorite motivational speakers on using positive affirmations regularly:

Positive affirmations combat the negative self talk so every morning or whenever you feel the negativity creeping up on you recite your own positive affirmations. If you’re new to or want more information on positive affirmations you can find a great introduction at Mindtools.  This is my go to for an uplifting daily dose of positive affirmations.

Keep a Success Journal

Keeping track of your successes can really help pull you out of a slump when you’re feeling down. It can be as simple as a dedicated notebook where you write down what YOU feel are successes. Maybe someone gave you a compliment, you won a special honor for your work, you ran your first mile, or whatever it may be that is a success in your mind.

Write down the things that made you feel good. Be sure to date it and add a little (or lot) about how it made you feel. We don’t all remember these things without a little prompting and especially when we’re feeling down sometimes we don’t even allow ourselves to think good thoughts about ourselves. By having your success journal you can see the good things in black and white.

I remember when I was 17 working in a fast food restaurant, we were totally swamped and orders were coming out wrong, the customers were getting mad. I was starting to unravel and I think the customers and my coworkers sensed it.

Then what seemed like out of nowhere this older gentleman with white hair and glasses walked up to me and said something to me. I don’t quite remember the words but I do remember how he made me feel. It was something to the effect of you can do this, you are smart and capable and he smiled at me with such a sweet, serene, sincere smile. Immediately the stress was gone and I felt really good about myself and KNEW I could work through it.

He believed in me so I should believe in myself. And I did. I never saw that man again but to this day I remember the feeling and it always boosts my mood.

Do you have a particular story about something that has happened in your life where you (or someone else) created a positive reaction just when you really needed it? I’d love to hear it. Please share in the comment section below.

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