Don’t Let Confusion Stall Your Progress

I’ll admit it. I’ve been guilty more times than I can count to stall out because of confusion about how to do something, feeling like it’s something I should already know and embarrassed to ask how to do it. The problem lies in allowing that to happen over and over and over again.

We are all human. We can’t possibly know everything about everything. If you’re worried about your peers, clients or customers seeing you ask for help on something you might think is so easy but just can’t figure it out. Don’t. They will most likely be able to relate and see that you are stepping up to find answers to move forward in your business.

Kelly McCausey from Love People Make Money makes some great points in her post: Refuse to Stay Confused. A particular part that jumped out at me is:

Being confused comes with a built in excuse for inaction.  People say things like, ‘I would have finished that project, but I was confused about how to set it up – or which tool to use – or who to ask for help.’ 

Ready, now take action!


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