Don’t Let Insecurity Prevent You From Connecting

I’m kind of shy so when I first started posting online I was very nervous to have my posts go live. I didn’t know how they would be received and I didn’t want to have any negative feedback. Introverts, like me, would rather be wallflowers than get out there and draw attention to ourselves. I thought that I could post basically anonymously and do okay.

But, that’s definitely is not how it works.

Connect with Your Peers

After awhile I started getting the hang of it – making blog posts, connecting with other online business owners through commenting on their blogs, social media, and forums – and after a while I started making friends and important business connections that helped me gain exposure for my own business.

That was when I realized that I don’t want to be anonymous anymore. I want to be noticed. It’s from the inspiration I feel from connecting with others like me.

The thing is, the more you get out there and mingle in your chosen online communities the easier (and more fun) it gets. Not to mention the power connecting to other online businesses provides.

You would be surprised at how just starting a conversation with someone and building on that simple gesture can begin to build relationships and open doors that would otherwise not have come to be.

Be Persistent

In the beginning there were days where I felt like I couldn’t really do this internet thing. But I kept at it and continue making more connections all the time. I never gave up because I have this feeling on a deep level that I can grow my business into something great.

There are lots of people out there who feel just like me but end up giving up. In sharing this I hope I can inspire you to start (if you haven’t yet) and continue to make meaningful connections in your business.

As your business grows remember how it was just starting out and always pay it forward.

Please comment and start building connections today!

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