Finding Balance Between Work Opportunities and Building A Business

Starting out online can confusing and sometimes scary, especially if you are looking to make money while you’re building your own online business.

I’ve worked part time for the past four years for an “offline” company as a virtual assistant. After deciding I wanted to build an online business, I also took on some “online” client work but it was very sporadic. This was okay with me until the company my husband worked for folded. He was out of work for about three months which took a toll on us. So, taking on regular client work was something I needed to do to help pay the household bills.

I’m so lucky to have met some awesome people online and gotten more client work. Being able to work from home is a blessing and I truly appreciate the clients providing me with the opportunity to do so. The thing I’m working on now is learning how to balance family time, client work and building my own business.

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Finding my rhythm is proving to be a little more difficult than I though. I make daily to do lists and know when my deadlines are but sometimes I really feel I’m not making the progress I should be. I know its because of the distractions I allow myself, such as Facebook, phone calls or email. To get my head in the game I need to keep these distractions to a minimum, plan and organize my business activities.

Secrets to Focus

Last week I attended a webinar put on by Kelly McCausey in her Power of a Focused Business Course. She talked about her personal “Secrets to Focus” by covering 10 specific things she does to keep her mind focused. This is why she’s a powerhouse when it comes to getting stuff done.

Out of all of her secrets to focus, I realized that I’m using only a few of them. As she explained how she uses these secrets, I was critiquing myself and how I could work them into my everyday routine. Normally I would jump in with both feet and try to do them all. But, I’ve learned (the hard way :)) that isn’t always the best approach for me so I chose two of the ones she shared to get started with: “what’s my priority at this particular time” and “calendaring my own projects”.

What’s My Priority

The bottom line is this is my business. I pick my priority though evaluating, planning and choosing the tasks I will work on at any given time. I’m in charge of my day so once I choose my priority for the day or week then it gets my full attention. This is how it’s supposed to work. I can clearly see that it will work and I’m beginning to implement. The more I do it the better I will get at it.

Calendaring My Own Projects

One of main thing I wasn’t doing properly is scheduling time on my calendar for things I needed to do for my own business. I would schedule projects from clients and just fit working on my own business in whenever I could. This is making me money in the short run but not building towards my long term goals. I want to work toward more passive income opportunities with my own website but if all my time is working for others to make money for the here and now I’m short changing myself and my dreams.

I think this one is the biggest breakthrough for me. I never put my own projects on my calendar with a deadline. Of course, they’re on my to do list but they always take a back seat to the paying work. I need to treat myself and my business as a client. That way the projects I have planned for my business will get the time and attention they deserve as well.

Both of these Secrets of Focus related in my mind and since I’ve started using them, I can see progress in myself.

I’m working through the Power of a Focused Business right now so if you’re feeling like you need help with your focus you might want to check it out.

I would love to hear ways you balance family, work and business life. Please share with me in the comments.

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Nicole Jones says March 24, 2013

I learned so much from that webinar too. I’m still listening to the podcasts in the program but I love it. I’m using it to organize my whole life. I’ve been tumbling around in life, instead of living on purpose. Now I schedule everything, time with my kids specifically, when I’ll plan dinner, and down time for me. Although I’m doing twice the stuff now as I was doing last week I feel more energized, and I’ve noticed I have more guilt free “me” time. It seems like a simple things to people, but Kelly’s Power of a Focused Business has changed my whole life.

    Samantha says March 24, 2013

    I love how she gives simple actionable advice that we can apply and see results immediately.

Tishia says April 10, 2013

I’ve been working from home since January 2006 so it’s been quite awhile now and a long time since I thought about what it was like back in the beginning. Reading this, it took me back to that first year of building my business. I worked lots of odds and end jobs outside the home to bring in money to help pay the bills while building my business – I did grocery shopping, cleaning, running errands…pretty much anything I could bring in some cash. When it came to building my business, I was working for $8 an hour if I remember correctly, just so I could get experience and have people train me. As I picked up more online clients, I started cutting back on the outside the home jobs.

What you wrote about your own projects taking a backseat – I so could have wrote that paragraph myself! Even after all these years, and the busier I’ve gotten, I still am pretty bad about putting my stuff on the back burner…but I’m really working on changing that. I know that to get to the next level and to bring in some passive income I HAVE to start making my projects a priority and have deadlines…just like I do with my clients!

Great post!

    Samantha says April 11, 2013

    That’s the way I see too – it’s the ONLY way they’ll get done. 🙂 Thanks Tishia!

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