Get Motivated!

You make your to-do list and know what needs to be done. Now to get started – but you lack the motivation to kick off.

Success can be achieved with motivation. What is the source of your motivation? Where can you turn for the inspiration that will get you going? We’re all different and motivated by different things. Here are a few things to get you going:

Visualize the completion.

Some people are motivated by visualizing the task at hand and reaching the goal. It could be to finish another chapter in the book you’re writing, or reaching out to business contact for a potential partnership project, or losing five pounds by the end of the week. Seeing yourself as actually achieving these goals can motivate you to success.

Never lose sight of your ultimate goal. Keeping your eye on the prize can help you push forward and revitalize your motivation.

Know you’re going to get what you deserve by staying the course. Believe that success is not just an option but is a real fact.

Change your environment.

New surroundings often give you a renewed outlook on your life. It can be something simple. Hang a new picture or put a new plant in your home or office, open the curtains and let in the light or put a vase with a fresh bouquet of flowers within site of your work area.

Also, changing your mental atmosphere can also give you a tremendous boost. Surround yourself with positive people. When you’re around positive and successful friends their attitude rubs off on you. You absorb their energy.

Reassess your task list.

Go through your task list to confirm that each one is working toward your goal. Brainstorm and look for new information. You can do this by taking a break, go for a walk, exercise, work in the yard or relax with a book. Using your brain in different ways will stimulate it and stimulation leads to motivation.

Develop your skills.

Motivation without the skills to achieve your goals is not enough. If you know you’re lacking something to move forward, motivation is hard to summon. Prepare yourself for success by learning the things you need to accomplish your goals.

Everyone has heard the phrase “knowledge is power” – become a joyful student. Motivation is fueled by knowledge.

Do for others.

Do something for others. When we do for others we find motivation within ourselves. Many times the way to achieve your goal is to assist others in reaching theirs. Seek to serve and you’ll become energized and motivated when people rely on you.

Use positive affirmations.

Keep an inspirational book, a list of favorite inspirational quotes or mantras on hand to refer to when you are feeling unmotivated. Read them aloud. When you actually hear the positive affirmations they become more effective. Your positive attitude is the fuel for your success.

Motivation comes from many different sources and you must find what works for you from within. Believe in yourself. Anticipate the good that will happen in your life.

So, how do you motivate yourself?

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