Images on Blogs: How Many or How Few?

Content may be King, but I am pretty sure images are Queen in today’s online world. It’s no secret that quality text-based images are an excellent idea when business owners want to gain attention and encourage engagement via social media. But there is a method-to-the-madness when including them within blog posts.  So how many images should be used per blog post? Here’s the short answer; at least one, but not too many.

Clear as mud, right? Let me break it down for you:

Images on Blog Posts: How Many of How Few?

At the Very Least One

Readers have become very spoiled and expect to see quality images within blog posts these days, specifically images that tell a story and inspires them to want to keep reading. Images can be used at the beginning of the post as an intro of sorts, within the middle of your blog post to as visual proof of an idea, product or concept, and even at the end as a final recap that ties your blog post up in a tidy little bow.

I firmly believe that all bloggers need to include at least one quality image with text per post just to add color and light to the story.

How Many At Most?

Well, that actually depends on what you are trying to achieve or how many it takes for you to make your point. For instance, if you have a DIY or cooking site, you may need to use a lot of images (20 or more) to show what you’re doing, and that’s okay.

The same applies with any tutorial where you’d like to demonstrate a step-by-step process to your readers. In those instances, multiple images make sense and even enhance the story.

Use your judgment when adding more than one image to your blog post. I love to read about the travels of people I follow, but I don’t necessarily want to see every minutia of what they did on their trip. “And here’s little Johnny holding a fish…here’s Johnny kissing the fish…and here’s Johnny putting the fish in a bucket….” You get my drift. Just as you wouldn’t want to “brain dump” on your blog, you don’t want to “photo dump” either. Use your judgment and work to strike a nice balance between text and photos within your articles.

Best Practices with Images:

Break Up Content on Long Posts

If your blog post is long it might be good to add a few images just to break up the content. This would be a great example of using images half way through your blog post as a way to give some visual appeal, give your readers a visual break from text and also drive a specific point or detail home.

Size Matters

Big and vibrant images are all the rage so don’t disappoint readers with tiny thumbnail photos they have to squint or crane their necks to see.

I suggest finding out the width of the content area on your blog and creating your images to fit to or close to the full width. The content area on my blog is 740 pixels wide so I’d create my blog graphics at about 730 pixels wide to fit nicely in the post. But, I recently updated to a new theme, Pretty Happy (and I love it!), which actually resizes my images to fit the content area. This saves me time so I don’t have to create a separate graphic for my blog post. I create the graphic in the 1080x 1080 pixel size (Instagram dimensions) so I can automatically post to Instagram as well.

The same logic applies to image quality as well. Offer your readers high res photos that are not blurry or grainy. I’ve seen photos slapped into other blogger’s blog posts that have less than stellar quality and I secretly wonder if the blog owner would have been better off not posting it at all. Crisp and beautiful images also lend to your business or blogs credibility so always put your “best image forward.”

Make It Easy & Use Tools

Use the plethora of tools available to you to add some bling to your images. Tools like Pixlr, PicMonkey, Photoshop CC and Canva make it easy to add messages, headlines and even a watermark to your images to make them go the extra mile for your business.

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