Learning to Connect the Dots: Learning the Ropes as a Business Newbie

Ever heard the old saying, “You’re only new at something once?”

Usually this refers to sports or trying a new hobby, but it also applies to those who are brand-spankin-new to business. Whether you are starting a brick-n-mortar store or an online business, those beginning days and months can be pretty daunting. Pair that up with scary stats like, “90% of new businesses fail,” and you have a recipe for many a business owner getting cold feet fast and abandoning their hopes and dreams.

Learn to Connect the Dots for Business Success

But before you panic and hit the “back” button know that, like that old saying, you really are only “new” at something only once. Business ownership can seem like a ginormous connect-the-dot puzzle, but if you focus on one dot at a time, you will solve the whole puzzle and with that success will come experience and savvy. Here are some tips and advice to help newbies in business “connect the dots” and move their hopes and dreams of business success forward.

Have Passion for What You Do

Passion isn’t everything, but it is certainly a biggie. Those who launch into business just for the money probably won’t see the success and longevity of those who create their business around a passion, a need to solve a problem or be a resource for others who share that same passion. Having no passion for what you do will make it much harder to pull yourself out of bed every day and fight the good fight for your business growth.

Have Realistic Expectations

Trust me, I know it feels like success never comes as fast or as BIG as you’d like, but that is also the reality of business ownership. If you create a business with butterflies-and-rainbows-like expectation of pulling down 100K your first month, you will be setting yourself up for major disappointment (unless you have magical-unicorn-100%-foolproof-formula to the work/life balance for parents…then you might have a goldmine on your hands!). Set reasonable expectations, crunch your numbers and set reachable goals.

Don’t Give Up

Some days it will take every fiber of your being to sit down at your desk, look at your inbox and fend off the feelings of overwhelm. It takes a while to learn all the ins-and-outs of getting an online business going, so don’t get discouraged at the amount of never ending tasks before you. It’s the business owners that have “stick-to-it-tiveness” (is that even a word?) and the guts to be tenacious who find long-term success. If something you are doing is not working or bringing in the income you desire, re-evaluate and re-adjust your course and your tactics.  Whatever you do, don’t throw your hands up in despair and mumble, “I give up!” That’s what your competition wants you to do.

Know When to Ask for Help

Business 101 – study those around you who are successful in a, “When in Rome, do as the Romans do” way.  If you are brand new, or even if you’ve been around a while, there are always many unanswered questions that you could use a helping hand with. I know I do. The key is know when to reach out to those around you for help and advice. One person who I’ve grown to trust, and really speaks my language when it comes to breaking things down, is Tracy Roberts of PiggyMakesBank.com.

Tracy has a success story that inspires and gives other entrepreneurs like you and me hope. Lucky for everyone around her, she is an amazing teacher and source for business tactics that work. Tracy has a guide out right now that, if you are a new business owner or are someone struggling with the feeling of “stuck” in your business, will be just the ticket for you.

InsidersGuidetoCreatingaSuccessfulOnlineBusiness-piggymakesbank-ringspiralbinderThe bottom line is lots of people are making money online every day, are you? Tracy’s Insider’s Guide to Creating a Successful Online Business is geared towards newbie’s and those new to online marketing and business.  And for those needing some one-on-one coaching (which I HIGHLY recommend) she is offering some very effective and innovative coaching sessions as well.

At the end of the day, just know you are not alone. You don’t have to struggle all by yourself because there are amazing people out there like Tracy who are willing to help, and have the knowledge to do so.

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