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PicMonkey is a FREE and EASY to use image editor.

There are lots of edits, corrections and additions we’d like to make to our photos to make them stand out on our blogs. PicMonkey is the perfect tool for this.

What You’ll Learn

How to Resize Images. Resizing images for your blog is important for a couple reasons 1) for your site to run efficiently, especially if you use photos taken from your phone or camera because they are normally quite large.  2) You’ve seen some images that look squished or skewed oddly which makes it look unprofessional on a blog. I’ll show you how to quickly resize them preserving the perspective.


Master-PicMonkey-300x400How to Shadow Text or Images. Using a drop shadow on text or images makes them stand out against their background. Picmonkey doesn’t have this particular feature but I’ll show you an easy workaround to get the  shadowing you need for your photo.

How to Remove Unwanted Items in Your Photos. Have you ever had the perfect picture but your thumb was showing? Or, in my case, my car was antennae smack dab in the middle of my beautiful photo. Well I’ll show you how to remove those unwanted items.

How to Add Watermarks to Images. When people share you images on social media you want them to be able to trace it back to your site. But, if you have no branding on your image how will they be able to do that? They won’t. I’ll show you how to create a watermark to add to your images so no one will ever have to wonder where this beautiful image came from.

How to Create Transparent Images. Text or images with a transparent background are so awesome to see on your website, so you guessed it, I’ll show you how to create those too.

Along with 5 More Tips & Tricks that will help your blog stand out with awesome images ready for sharing on social media.

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