Want Amazing Graphics For Your Events?

You Can Make Your Own - I'll Show You How It's Done!

A Complete Training In Three Segments

All demonstrations and tutorials will be conducted using Adobe Photoshop.
Access to this software is more affordable and easy than ever - making it the industry gold standard! 


In this first segment, I will cover all of the graphic design needs of an event. We'll make image and icon selections, color and font choices. I will demonstrate the creation of an attractive event logo that will look great online or in print.


This segment is all about making your event speakers and partners look amazing.  We're going to prepare their photographs and design an event image that begs to be shared on social media - spreading news of your event far and wide.


Taking all that we've created so far, we're going to bring it all together to create images that represent your event as a whole, featuring all of the speakers and making you sparkle and shine like the amazing event host you are!

Bonus Expert Advice!

Once you've created awesome graphics for your event, the next step is to put them out there! How can you get your event speakers and partners sharing their images and spreading the news about the event?  Kelly McCausey joined me in sharing her experience in hosting over 15 live and in person events and you'll get the recorded audio. 

Why Learn From Me?

My Event Graphics Have Attracted Thousands Of People

As a Graphic Designer, I've been blessed to work with incredible event hosts, both virtual and in person. The events my graphics have supported have impacted thousands of lives - that makes me super proud!

I Love Teaching Others To Create!

I've been demonstrating Photoshop graphic design to others and love hearing how easily my students pick up the skills and put them to action in their businesses.  I can't wait to help YOU design images that make your events shine.

Smart People Pay Me To Make Their Event Graphics - This Is A Valuable Skill!

Samantha has such a great touch with graphics and has helped my events look amazing year after year - my speakers and event partners love to share them because they make them look so good!  I can't recommend her enough!

Kelly McCausey

Love People & Make Money

WOW. I was totally impressed with the whole look and feel of the graphics - she created just what I was looking for. From the photos she chose, to the colors, to the fonts - Sam does beautiful work and a highly recommend her.

Christine Gallagher

She's Got Clients

We've been working with Sam since we first started Piggy Makes Bank a little over two years ago and have always been extremely happy with her graphic design work. This past summer we decided at the spur of the moment to run a fun event called PLRaPaLooZa and asked Sam to come up with some graphics for it. We knew they would make a big difference in our recruiting and marketing efforts, and boy did they pay off big.

Sam is a wonderful designer to work with. She's a great listener and quickly gets a feel for what we want in the designs. She asks smart questions to make sure there is little to no confusion. She's also very good at figuring out exactly what she needs to quickly complete the project. She's great at listening to suggestions and quick to implement changes as needed. At the same time, she isn't afraid to propose alternate concepts or suggest changes that make the end product more visually appealing. We love working with Sam!

Tracy Robert & Susanne Myers
Piggy Makes Bank

You'll Use These Skills In So Many Other Cool Ways

Once you master the process of creating graphics using multiple elements and photographs, you'll spot all kinds of ways to use the skill, like in creating images for your blog - like these:

Crowd sourced content is way more likely to be shared when you're making every contributor look totally amazing!

And Believe Me, People Will Pay You For These Skills Too!

I know not everyone is interested in providing graphic design skills to others, but I want to mention it because it has provided a great income stream for me and I'm currently busier than ever!

Are You Ready To Make Your Events, Speakers & Partners Sparkle & Shine?

Amazing Event Graphics Course Guide

Full Video Demonstration Course
Printable Worksheet & Templates
BONUS Q&A With Event Expert Kelly McCausey


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Do I have to have Photoshop?

I'm demonstrating everything in Photoshop and I believe it is the best tool for graphic creation, especially when you may want to be creating images for print as well as for the web.  Adobe's Creative Cloud membership makes it more affordable than ever, so don't let that hold you back.

How long will I have access to the training?

You're purchasing permanent access to the videos and workbook.  Open office hours are only available the week of delivery.

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