Learn to Create Amazing Graphics with Photoshop

You may have heard that Photoshop is a beast with a huge learning curve and too complicated to use so you don't even want to try.

I'm here to tell you
that's absolutely not true.

 Yes, Photoshop has amazing tools you can learn as you advance as a designer, but I want to show you how EASY it is for you to create gorgeous graphics with just a few of it's tools.

In this course, I'll teach you how to create stunning graphics using just a few tools in the Photoshop arsenal that will prepare you for jumping right into Photoshop to design your own. 

I'll demonstrate how to create the graphics you see below AND give you all three templates for you to practice with and use as your own. Having templates at your fingertips makes it so easy to jump right in to creating your own eye catching graphics!

Why hire a designer to create your graphics for you when I can teach you how to create your own in no time!

Why Learn From Me?

My Graphics Have Attracted Thousands Of People

Hey there, I'm Samantha Angel. As a Graphic Designer, I've been blessed to work with incredible clients, both virtual and in person. The graphics I create impact thousands of people everyday - that makes me super proud!

I Love Teaching Others To Create!

I've been demonstrating Photoshop graphic design to others and love hearing how easily my students pick up the skills and put them to action in their businesses.  I can't wait to help YOU design images that you're proud of.

A Few Words From My Students

For decades I considered myself a graphics idiot, trying to learn the latest "easy" program and having things still look unprofessional.

Samantha taught me the quickest and easiest ways to create beautiful graphics. I'm saving so much money not having to outsource every graphic.

Val Selby


I purchased Samantha’s course because I was trying to find an easy way to create graphics. I was so afraid to tackle Photoshop but Samantha made it so simple as she explained each tool that she was using and what it was for. I was able to follow along and make a graphic without struggling to understand what she meant. I love how she showed exactly what she was thinking as she made the design decisions. 

Rosie Battista


Are You Ready To Start Creating Your Own Graphics That Will Make Your Peeps Drool?

This package includes:

A Video Introduction to the Photoshop Workspace

​3 Video Demonstrations Creating 3 Different Types

of Graphics Using Specific Photoshop Tools
Templates Created During Video Demos Included


Grab Your Access Now!

Only $27.00!


Do I have to have Photoshop?

I'm demonstrating everything in Photoshop and I believe it is the best tool for graphic creation, especially when you may want to be creating images for print as well as for the web.  Adobe's Creative Cloud membership makes it more affordable than ever, so don't let that hold you back.

How long will I have access to the training?

You're purchasing permanent access to the videos.

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