Put Your PLR to Work for You

 Do you have PLR just sitting on your hard drive collecting dust?

You had good intentions when you bought it.

You want to share the information with your audience because it is solid information and will help them grow.

You also know that you won’t get any ROI without actually offering it to your tribe.

But, you just don’t have the time to put it together…

The thing is…you can’t afford not to.

Putting your PLR to work for you can mean sharing an attractive report to quickly grow a profitable list.

Or put a some money in your pocket. For example, if you offer your small report for $5 you’ll need to sell 40 to break even. If you sell it for $7 you only need to sell 29 to break even. Everything after that is pure profit for you.

You decide how you want to use your report with the confidence of knowing that you will be creating a passive income source and increasing your authority…but if you leave it sitting on your hard drive you’ll never reap any benefits from it.

I’m offering a complete package to help you get your PLR working for you. I will put together a beautiful report up to 20 pages (PLR provided by you) complete with:

star Document formatting
star 5 stock images added to your report
star 1 Custom Flat eBook cover

star 1 Spiral 3D eBook cover
star Delivered in ready to go PDF format

Check out a Sample of What You’ll Get: Before & After Sample

Along with a Great Looking Cover DesignCover Sample Image

 Your Cover and Copy is What Will Sell Your eBook!

I’ll make it easy for you to put out an attractive report for a great price.

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P.S. The PLR won’t do you any good collecting virtual dust on your hard drive. Let me help you create a passive stream of income today.

 To Your Success!