6 Tips to Being More Productive

Do you ever sit down to work at your computer but then several hours later you realize you have accomplished nothing? You’ve visited all your social networking sites, chatted with friends and read more than a few blogs but got no real, pay the bills, work done. Well, time is money and several hours wasted online is lost income. I tend to talk about time management often because I find myself, when I’m not very careful, getting lost in the loop. But, with some tips and tricks we can stop wasting time and get more done!

1. Work During Your Most Productive Time of Day

When are you most productive? I’m talking about when is your most productive time of the day. Some people are better able to focus in the morning and find they can work for longer periods then. The opposite is true for night owls. Figure out when you’re most productive, then plan to do the majority of your work during that time of day. You’ll be less likely to wander and waste time online.

2. Know Your Limits

After working for a while do you find yourself getting off track. Maybe you start thinking about other things you need to get done, or start losing interest in the project at hand. Or ever just get sleepy? It’s at this point when you may turn to time wasters like social sites. This is when you need to take a break. So, take some time to evaluate how long you are able to work productively. It may be only twenty or thirty minutes at a time and that’s fine because when you know your limits you can plan your day a little better.

For example, if you know that you are only able to focus for about thirty minutes before you get antsy, break your work day up into thirty minute chunks. In between each work segment, schedule time to do something else. You might fold the laundry, make a grocery list, read a blog post or straighten your office. The important thing is to give yourself a 10-15 minute break so you’ll be better able to get back to work.

3. Start with a plan

Decide what you want to accomplish and when you want to accomplish it by. Having a plan of action (goals, to do list, whatever you want to call it) is a tangible way to for us to follow through to completion. I’m a visual person and seeing things I need to get done being checked off keeps me motivated.

4. Turn off your browser while you work

Having your browser open can be a distraction so if you don’t need it while you work, close it to reduce temptation.

5. Listen to music

Music can help you stay focused and productive. What I listen to really depends on my mood. Sometimes it soft and relaxing and other times its loud obnoxious rock and roll!

6. Reward yourself

Once you’ve completed your task, reward yourself. Give yourself a break and enjoy some free time.

There are temptations all around you. Focus on what you want to accomplish and don’t let those pesky online time wasters distract you. With a plan and a few effective tactics you can stop wasting time online and get more done during your day.

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