Stop Your Negative Self-Talk

Blog Tour Spring Forward 2014 200I’m so happy¬†to introduce Sheryl Siler from Grow Bloom Inspire to be our guest today! Enjoy! ūüôā

Hi! ¬†I’m so glad Samantha said come on over and visit everyone here at Advancing Steps. ¬†I love the name of the website. ¬†In life we often just need to take little steps. ¬†Those little steps is what puts you in a position of doing some advancing.

One little step that I took that helped me with my advancing was recognizing  my own negative self-talk and taking steps to combat that.

Let me begin today by asking you a few questions:

How often do you find yourself talking down or negatively to yourself?

Are you even aware that you’re doing it?

Before you say, that’s not me vow for a week to try to recognize any negative self-talk. ¬†Many people aren’t even aware what things they say to themselves mentally or the things they mutter under their breath are negative and actually sabotaging their progress and success.

That was me. ¬†I was challenged with for a week to pay attention to your words and thoughts. If you mutter things to yourself when something goes wrong, start listening to yourself. It’s likely that you’re being negative.

If you use phrases like, “Well, I knew that would happen,” or “Well, that’s how things go for me,” or “Why should I expect anything to be different,” or “That’s just my luck.” Then you are engaging in negative self talk.
For me when I did the exercise I was shocked. ¬†My inner talk was more self-inflicting as I discovered phrases like “Stupid me” and “Can’t you get anything right?” pop up over and over. ¬†No wonder I was feeling like there was a black cloud over me. ¬†I never gave myself a break.

In life, things will go wrong. Everything isn’t perfect. ¬† We aren’t perfect. ¬†When cloudy days happen, it’s best to really pay attention to how you are speaking. Is it positive or negative?

Here comes the Sun Advancing Steps 300

I know, it’s hard to be positive when everything seems to be going wrong. However, if you notice when one thing goes wrong, if you react negatively it will create a domino or snowball effect and the rest of the day will go the same. If you just walk away, so to speak and not let it bother you, chances are things will start to go smoothly again. ¬†Try looking for the “silver lining” in situations. ¬†Try searching out something to be thankful for in a bad situation. Replace any negative self-talk with an opposite positive one. See the sun even in a cloudy day.

You can do it! ¬†Here comes the sun and I say it’s alright!


Blog Tour Spring Forward 2014 200This post is part of a Sheryl’s Spring Forward blog tour for¬†Overcoming Your Negativity,¬†her new self-paced course which is a 21 day journey to positive thinking, a better attitude and a happier you. You can read other posts in this tour by going to her blog at¬† For more information on the self-paced course click¬†here.

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