You CAN Build A Successful Online Business Even if You’re Not an Expert in Your Field

There’s a lot of talk about being an expert in your field these days. Sure, authority and expertise build trust, but they aren’t all they are cracked up to be. Don’t avoid a particular niche or hold off on teaching a subject because you aren’t an expert in it yet. There’s a lot to be said about being able to relate to your target audience. It’s much easier to do that and build a strong relationship when you are just a few steps ahead of them.

When you’re a true expert who has spent years honing his or her craft, it’s hard to remember what it was like when you were first starting out. Let’s take the weight loss and fitness niche for example. If you’ve been a trim and fit personal trainer or athlete for a decade or two, it’s hard to remember how difficult it can be to go for that first short run, or to not give into the temptation of eating an entire chocolate cake. If on the other hand, you were out of shape and overweight yourself just a short year ago and are still working on fine tuning your diet and exercise regime, you can relate. You remember what it was like when you started out.

Share Your Journey

Here’s the thing. Your readers, subscribers, and customers don’t need you to know it all. They simply need you to be a few steps ahead of them. They need you to be able to explain what they should do next on their trek towards the end goal. You don’t have to have reached that goal yet. All you need is a good plan and more experience than they do.

All this to say that you shouldn’t shy away from topics because you don’t consider yourself an expert in them yet. Instead, there’s a lot of value in sharing your own journey. It’s ok for you to be part of your target audience. In fact, it’s helpful because you know their pain and the problems they face. It can help you create more authentic content. It helps you find the best possible solutions for someone in your situation. You can create products and training programs that address the important issues your customers face. You can share the products and services that have helped you along the way. You can make a difference and help them move forwards while you continue on your own journey.

Be Their Inspiration

Stop hiding behind the “I’m not expert” excuse. You have something of value to add that a true expert can’t share. You can give them feedback and ideas based on what you’re experiencing right now. You can share what is and isn’t working for you. Most importantly you can be a source of inspiration and motivation as your target audience watches you work towards the same goals and aspirations they have.

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Loretta says September 8, 2019

So much truth. I always tell people there’s something that they know a lot more about than me, maybe many somethings, and that makes them more qualified than me to talk about it or teach it, or to help me or someone else get started doing it or for me to hire them to do the thing for me .

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